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The alumnus of Don Bosco is the largest group in the Salesian Family, with an estimated world-wide membership of 3,000,000 in 53 National Federations and 920 local associations. We are much delighted to welcome you to the alumni section of Don Bosco SIHARAM. We hope that you will find enough information about various activities and programmes that are geared towards connecting and uniting all those who passed through our campus. We particularly encourage you to register here so that we can constantly update our data base and help you also to connect with other alumni. Don Bosco Siharam has uplifted the rural youth with its various training programmes and has empowered them with a wealth of knowledge and experience to work in different fields. This collective excellence is our contribution to the growing generation and to the society as a whole. This forum is the place to see all the shining stars of our success story.

Unit Name: ‘Stars of SIHARAM’
Eligibility: All the students who have undergone various training programmes from DON BOSCO Siharam automatically become eligible to be part of ‘Stars of SIHARAM’ on course completion.

Office Bearers:
President: Thiyagu
General Secretary   : Sijin

Dept. Presidents:
BIIT – Boys – Sagayaraj
BIIT – Girls – Mariya Pragasi
DBTECH – Sijin
3E – Arun Kumar

Dept. Secretaries:
BIIT – Boys – Anand
BIIT – Girls – Asha Margaret
DBTECH – Thiyagu
 3E – Asha Devi

Annual Meeting:
Regular annual meeting of this forum is generally scheduled for the last Sunday of January. (Next meeting: 26th Jan, 2014)

Objectives : 
  • சந்திக்க  (To meet): To come together to share and relive the experience of the days spent as students / trainees.
  • சிந்திக்க (To reflect): To spend some time in reflection with uplifting thoughts, to discuss about challenges faced in real life situation, to get enlightened about pressing social concerns.
  • சாதிக்க (To achieve): To be inspired and initiated into being agents of change, to achieve and be outstanding in the field of specialization.